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AMZ and Lendahand Conduct Training Workshop

October 2018

AMZ, in partnership with Lendahand Foundation, conducted a 4 day workshop for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), aimed at entrepreneurs within various industries, including wholesale grocers, auto spares, car hire, butchery, boutique and milling. 

MSMEs contribute largely to the economic and social development of Zambia, but most find it difficult to access finance from larger financial institutions as they are unable to meet all the financial requirements of these institutions.  A large gap in financial management skills (including business plan preparation, financial statements, Sales and purchases record keeping etc ) has been highlighted in these markets, and as such, a training programmed was initiated in a bid to close the gap.

AMZ and Lendahand designed the training workshop whose objectives were:

  1. To enable participants to create and analyze their businesses according to Business Model Canvas (BMC)

  2. To enable participants to identify their customer segment while understanding their need in relation to value proposition

  3. To ensure participants understood the importance of different revenue models and proper financial management and how to apply a range of tools to manage their finances.

Attendees of the workshop have reported that they were confident this training would not only help enable them to successfully access finance, but would also enable them to grow their businesses using their new skills learned at the workshop.  The workshop also provided a great platform for networking, knowledge sharing and discussion between participants.

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