Agora Microfinance Zambia Limited, a company limited by shares, was established during 2011 with the objective of providing financial service to the financially excluded (largely rural) population of Zambia. ​

AMZ’s founding shareholders were Concern Worldwide and the Agora group, represented initially by Moringaway. During 2011-2013, AMZ began operations in the Central and Western provinces of Zambia. During the period, Concern Worldwide reduced its involvement after the first two years and was largely replaced by Agora Microfinance N.V. (AMNV), which is now the main shareholder. As of end 2017, AMNV was the principal shareholder of AMZ, along with Moringaway.


During 2011-2017, AMZ has established 6 branches, created a clientele of almost 17,000 households, and as at end 2017, succeeded in achieving two consecutive years of full financial profitability.